Cashaey Serenity

Taper Me Bad's 'Elevate' Collection Photoshoot


verb. To Raise or Lift to a Higher Position

You know those Saturdays you live for? Well, ours include good friends, beautiful energy, & Photoshoots! This was one that the stars aligned for. Surrounded by talent, we started off with makeup by Brooklyn's own Mayra- owner of Lip Drama at the Taper Me Bad HQ in Northeast, DC. 

Fashionably late, we rushed down to Malcolm X/Meridian Park, with a transition to the street front shops on U Street in Northwest, to meet the man behind the camera- Justin, owner of JSR Photography

Jazmin, Maggie, & Cashaey- backseat selfie.

Jazmin, Maggie, & Cashaey- backseat selfie.

Justin Directing the models on location

Justin Directing the models on location

We'll just pause for a second, and let you experience the Fierceness that our models, Cashaey Serenity & Maggie Laughlin brought to the shot- Thanks to Jazmin for the incredible behind the scenes action captured! Take a Look at the video recap... 

YES, it was 100% as fun as it looked! Thank you to our team... At some point during the shoot, I thought to myself, this was our vision. This was exactly... exactly, what we had in mind. 

Confidence. Style. Strength. Beauty from the Inside out. TaperMeBad. Everything our models embodied... all in 32 degree weather! 

The kimono Maggie's rocking, & this colorful Aztec print modeled by Cashaey is handmade by UK based designer Bunny & the Wolf- who takes their inspiration from vintage pattern cutting and bold geometric prints. 

I was here & there, helping where I could.... but mostly sneaking pics w/ my phone... couldn't help it...

We live Vibrantly around here... in case you haven't noticed!

The fuchsia hoops were a Taper Me Bad design, hand-crafted and brought to life by our favorite jewelry brand DollCirca1930, who focuses on unique pieces offering a vintage feel with a spunk! 

& that Bag? Another talented Independent designer based in Britain- Rachel Edmond- who focuses on striking digitally printed patterns. 

The Team. 

The Team. 

~Adrie_D of #TaperMeBad