Behind the Scenes... Taper Me Bad's 'Back To Black' Photoshoot

Have you ever had such a strong vision on something you desired to accomplish; replaying it over, and over in your head? Imagining every simple detail- exactly how it would play out? 

Then... when it happens, it's almost like Deja Vu?... After all of the planning, and imagining, Taper Me Bad's first Photoshoot turned out to be a literal dream come true. There's really no way to describe that feeling of just knowing what you're doing is what you are meant to do.


"Ask yourself what makes you come alive; then go do it."


Our 'Back To Black' debut showcase will be here in September... here's your sneak peak:

Everyone involved in our shoot means so much- best friends surrounding us, helping make this a reality.

We rented a posh studio just down the street from our DC base, in Beltsville, MD- VPS Studios. With professional equipment, lights, and plenty of space for wardrobe change- we just brought the clothes and camera. They're friendly, professional & surprisingly affordable... + they had no problem with our energy & loud music!

Of course you can't have a true photo shoot without turning up the MUSIC! We wanted the room to have an encompassing feeling of high fashion.... here are a couple of our fav' songs from the day: 

(That last jam was the personal favorite)

Now that you're feeling 'vogue' too, let's introduce everyone that made it such a huge success! 

Sean & Adrie: The Owners


Allow us to re-introduce ourselves :) Sean is the man with the big dream- all about business, while Adrie handles the fun part. The conversation about starting a Women's store occurred a couple of years ago- the name Taper Me Bad was born, and we never thought twice about it. Fast Forward two years- start taking your dreams seriously, and things start to happen... #teamwork 


The biggest blessing is having family and friends, as a support system, helping bring it all to life. The crew during the shoot = our everything; well TMB's everything...


The Multi-tasker! She helps with every single detail... seriously- from dressing the models, to setting up, to negotiating with the studio for us. She was our right hand at that shoot, and the reason it went without a hitch. Mingling with the models- making them feel comfortable, touching up their look & hair- even capturing video... amazing.

download (4).jpg



Sean's sister, the youngest (& probably most mature) one in the room, was there to help with any and everything we needed- she was on it! (Especially with the behind the scenes pics and videos right from her i-phone). A true TMB lady- she took a break from work, and nursing school in Baltimore to help us out- & we Love that we had her support! 


The Makeup Artist. Do you see that #lipdrama on the models? This is what she does! Mayra traveled from Bronx, NY to share her talents with us; & this lady knows her makeup... especially lipstick. So when we asked for a 'pop or color,' she knew just what to do. Can't get enough of that lip color either? Well. luckily she has an entire Blog on Lip Drama

Lauren Olivia

Fellow #Aggie Lauren dropped by to check us out, and to do some photography within the photoshoot.... well sort of. I was rocking her handcrafted jewelry line DollCirca1930 & she captured us in action for her 'A Day in the Life Campaign,' and we were honored. 

Jazmin Butler 

Ms. Jazmin Butler.... talented doesn't even begin to describe her abilities. She traveled from ATL to be our photographer- then ended up being our photographer AND model; & did an amazing job at both! She excels in all aspects of life; check her out below showing of her naturally exotic look: 

The entire day the mood was was light and fun- here are a couple of candid shots we captured:

Jaz being silly between shots- right after she transitioned from photographer to Model. 
download (10).jpg
download (9).jpg

..... but wait.... let's get back to being FIERCE. Our models had that down to a science... can't forget to introduce them also:


One word: Gorgeous! Oh, & there are a few others that describe her as well- sweet, smart, well rounded, distinguished... But seriously, Cassy is a friend of Adrie's, and when asked to be a model for TMB, she agreed without hesitation. + Can you say HIDDEN TALENT?! No one can tell me this girl's not a pro- so effortless. 


All I can say is this lady is THE definition of a model. Even when we were not shooting, she still had this undeniable presence of a superstar. With the personality to match her beauty, Shaina was what we had in mind for a TMB model from the day we met her at DC fashion week. Can you believe modeling is her secondary talent? Look out, because she can sing too... she's already competed on The Voice. How lucky are we to have such talent surrounding our brand?

Well, this is just the start- Taper Me Bad is coming- SOON! September brings our Back to Black collection. Now that you've seen a sneak peak, make sure you Follow us to stay updated, & Share if you love us ;) We'll leave you with a little piece of TMB in action here:  

VIDEO-Behind the scenes at TaperMeBad's Back to Black Photoshoot