#MCM "Dream in Designer"

Here at TaperMeBad, we're focused on women, but we love our Male Fashion too. Although we'll be offering affordable luxury, we like to occasionally "Dream in Designer." Just for fun and inspiration! 

So fellas, we know you like to dress too... or the ladies love to dress our men. Either way- we're spotlighting a few of our favorite items we've found around the fashion world. 

Today's Theme: Bold Maroon & Shades of grey.

Men... imagine yourself in a couple of our favorite designer brands and accessories. & ladies imagine your man... or dream man in a few of these stylish pieces: 

Alexander Wang

Shirt, pants, shoes.... we'd take either... or all. This fit is an urban upgrade to your typical t-shirt & jeans- Alexander Wang premiered this look just recently, but it will not be available until next spring/summer. 


Sunglasses-dress 'em up or dress them down- either way they're a pop of grey that will turn heads. Retrosuperfuture aka 'Super' debuts their Andy Warhol glasses with their official partnership with the Andy Warhol foundation in various metallic shades of grey. 

Side view, complete with Andy Warhol signature

Side view, complete with Andy Warhol signature


A brand to keep your eye on- ETQ, a fresh footwear brand for men and women alike out of Amsterdam. Build an outfit around these simple, minimalist sneakers- high top or mid. 

High Top Maroon Waxed

High Top Maroon Waxed

High Top Alloy/Desert Taupe

High Top Alloy/Desert Taupe


Let's dream... no prices. Just dreams. Get fresh in a dapper, detailed Valentino suit, or heavy leather shirt below- either look is just as versatile as you'd like to make it. If anything, use these designer looks as inspiration for a new look- a boost to your wardrobe. 

Accessorize... men- you have plenty of options. A man bag, wallet, or maybe a sleek briefcase. We have just the recommendation- a Geo Aluminum Attache case- that's just as strong as you. 

Maison Martin Margiela

Throw some drama in the mix, with this transparent grey look from MMM- you'll need a little swag to pull this off: 

Another simple, yet stand out accessory- MMM's fine jewelry Heritage collection- bold, plain & asymmetrical. "Exploring the irregularity of love and the ever changing nature of union." 

Oh, & why not throw in this car for fun ;) If you don't dream, what's the point? 

Exclusive Arrinera- Hussarya Supercar

Exclusive Arrinera- Hussarya Supercar

Men, you can also #Tapermebad. Happy #MCM. Love, Share, & Be inspired!