Thread DC at Union Market

Thread DC: A Shopping event 

Taper Me Bad Owner Adrie D., and Neo-Conversationalist, District native Bruce, took a sunny Saturday and made the best out of it! Baby in tote, we adventured, ten minutes from our cozy living rooms to Thread at Union Market's Dock 5- a 12,000 sq. foot local gem that sits in a wide back alley in the heart Northeast DC. 

Greeted by a life-size chess board, a fold up bicycle shop, and ping pong, we entered the curation of local and emerging designers, artists, and boutiques, With an artsy, Brooklyn residue to the event, Thread attracted a crowd that ranged from those exuding a core urban style, to liberal preps. This modernized warehouse-type event space housed the mini stores of some riveting, up-and-coming retailers. 

Pattern, pattern, & more pattern. Greeted by a stunning mix-match of original, embellished staple pieces, Maggy Frances designs structured, versatile pieces with a hint of 60's elegance. 


Pattern, especially floral is definitely IN. Her unique pop of color pieces were back-dropped by art that was just as visually stimulating.


The Afro-centrism of Tatusi fit in perfectly with this season's obsession with multi-colored, bright, stand out patterns.


The vibrant, handmade skirts designed by Three Kenyan/Zimbabwean sisters (one of the owners shown below) come in all lengths, and merge African style with mainstream. Their name- Tatusi is an anagram for "Sitatu," meaning 'we are three.'



We turned the corner to a more American-style "traditional with a flair" type of boutique by husband and wife team Sid & Ann Mashburn. They mix the classic, with the iconic & hard to find pieces like danish cattle horns or Swiss army knives. Currently based in Atlanta, with another location in Huston, they have plans of coming to DC soon- Yay! 

Although they carried both men's and women's clothing, we especially loved the men's items. Baby Jojo also introduced us to his friend- the salesman here at Mashburn: 


Directly across, showcased a local artist's finely detailed oil paintings. Born in Brooklyn, raised in Asia, and settled in DC, Brooke Fierce Bronner has such a warm spirit, which is exuded directly into her pieces. She chatted with us, and we laughed a little as Bruce shared with her that 'Brooke' was actually her go to name for 'disguise.' She was so friendly and inviting, as she shared with us the stories behind her pieces. 

We'd actually circled back around to her after searching for baby JoJo's missing pacifier, Brooke revealed she shares Bruce's sentiment. With three children of her own, she get's the act of balancing from her kids- she'd attended two soccer games just that morning. They give Brooke, aka Supermother the strength and versatility that reflects onto her paintings, created right from her home studio. The tan piece below, with the string, map-like design had a story behind it. This art represented a few local mother's commutes on a typical Saturday; weaving in and out of the highways, all in the name of their children's activities. Can you see how much is going on there in the left corner? Lot's of driving- & sacrifice. Salute to all of the mothers!  


As we circled the building we were privileged to experience more designers, retailers, boutiques, and brands that were unique to this Thread experience: Anthom clothing, DURKL menswear, Saint Clair Jewelry, Politics & Prose, Zest, Emerson Fry- adored them ALL!  (with too many pictures to share.) 

Way too much Thread to share...

Map of the city from Politics and Prose

Map of the city from Politics and Prose

Zest home deco.

Zest home deco.

Characterized by refined taste and manners/intellectually/artistically aware.
— Definition of Cultured

Give your child the world- or better yet, show them! Culture Baby is a stunningly unique collection of children's toys, clothes, pillows, and decor from every corner of the world. Designed beautifully, made sustainably. Owned by two mothers, they travel the world to find worthwhile items that also support local entrepreneurs.  

Worldly patterns at Culture Baby

Worldly patterns at Culture Baby

Third & Grace

Among my very favorite original designers here was the lovely lady behind Third & Grace. Truly local, these upholstered modern luxury statement pieces enhance any space. One of a kind, contemporary, and eclectic- here are a few pieces showcased: 


Great mix, incredible event Thread. We will definitely be attending the next event- maybe even vending *wink wink. Had a blast with our incredible friends Bruce & baby boy.... DC definitely needs more of this!