Women We Love: Historical Afro-American Fashion Icons

In honor of the last day of Black History Month, Taper Me Bad is spotlighting a few of the most Fashionalbe ladies throughout our modern history who've made a permanent mark on fashion- setting trends & breaking barriers. 

Chances are, you've heard of them- you may just not know how significant their fashionista impact has had in American Style and Culture. The African American Influence has always had a tremendous impact- from the 20's chic culture, to Michael Jackson's 80's to the hip hop influence with the current generation. 

Let's take a look at some of the Style Icons that existed before our time:

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker - Art Deco Jewellery.jpg

Her face is probably familiar- she has a distinct image that will never fade; Ms. Baker made a huge splash in the 1920's culture- originally in Paris, quickly transferring to the U.S. 






Her large jewelry, and embellished dresses allowed her to stand out, with a statement of elegance, but what was Josephine Baker Most Famous for? That good ol' Banana Costume- you've seen it! 


Prada paid tribute to Ms. Baker in 2011, with their collection- solidifying her as a fashion cultural icon: 


Donyale Luna

Known as the (Real) 'First Black Supermodel' her legacy is often overlooked. Piercing eyes, and stunning figure, Luna consistently embodied High Fashion. 


Luna gained superstar status in Europe after being the First Black Model on British Vogue, who were drawn to her "bite and personality." 

Futuristic is an understatement- as Luna's high fashion, grace, and elegance outperform many of today's top models. Not only was she Gorgeous, but Luna broke barriers- personifying integration at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. 

A stunning negro model whose face had the hauteur and feline grace of Nefertiti.
— New York Times (circa 1966)

Angela Davis


Style Icon.


Famously known for her Black Panther Roots, Angela Davis not only influenced the minds of American culture, but also the style. She was a heavyweight of her time- fighting for equality, through her undeniable strength as an icon in the Black Freedom Movement- her beauty was often overlooked. 

Angela Davis undeniably commanded attention with her over-sized Afro, and the peaceful strength that radiated from her presence. 

I never saw myself as an individual who had any particular leadership powers
— Angela Davis

Funny, we all see ourselves as just an average person, with no particular influence. Through her big hair, and famous imperfect gap in her teeth, Davis made famous the "Black is Beautiful" movement that still holds strong today- black girls can embrace their coils and curls with pride.

A true heroine in ever aspect- Angela Davis is perhaps the most political, and style Icon to exist among black women. 

Become your very own Style Icon- & so much more- let your ambition guide you- you already have all you need within you!