#Tapermebad lifestyle

Confidence. Depth. Self-Love. Being Multi-faceted. Magic- inside and out.

Taper Me Bad started in 2014, with a focus on enhancing natural beauty with affordable luxury pieces... & that’s still our core. We’re expanding to be more transparent, giving you behind the scenes details of our journey in business, and tips, inspiration and motivation to ascend in life. TaperMeBad is a Lifestyle.

#Tapermebad Style

Taper Me Bad branded ourselves as the sleek, sophisticated, Affordable Luxury Boutique for the Young Urbanite aiming to stand out in style.

You've always been an over-achiever- your style is no different.

Jet-setting? Get Fly! 

Lounging? Be Luxurious.

Whether it's a stand out party dress, or an updated basic piece,

Taper Me Bad will have you turning heads. 

Let your style match your ambition! 

Owned and managed by a vibrant, young, ambitious couple Sean & Adrienne, Taper Me Bad is based in Los Angeles with occasional travels to major cities, sharing our curation of the latest trends in women's-wear.